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The Truth

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Ever wondered what “the truth” might be? Ever wondered how you could sit in front of a million books and find them all telling you about “the truth”. I’d like to tell you about “the thuth”, just for fun. What we consider to be the truth is highly affected, to say the least, by our mind, by our state of consciousness.

” The truth is NOW! ”

In fact it is impossible for our mind, to perceive more than one single thing, “one dot” at a time. We can’t feel our body while imagening something or otherwise. See for your self to get the idea!

The other part of what truth is to us to us, has a certain logic to it. The more we awaken into focused, pure consciousness, the more aware, and conscious of life we become. While life itself always remains a mystery, there is still a lot to discover, learn, understand and consider!

Lately i came again past the the idea that doubting and then even negating ones own existence may be the step out, you know, not to be reincarnated and stuff…  I was introduced to that idea when i had a telepatic conversation with “God” you knowOnce i had something that i can only describe as a conversation with “God” ( = unity consciousness), during a very intense mystical experience with Salvia Divinorum. i percieved myself completely normal, just like always, only i was totally euphoric because of that overwhealming presence, that completely filled my mind. But i was still there i could also feel my body, have a look at the physical world around me, or think of whatever i wanted.


I like the idea because it is so radical… Maybe a year later i met a shaman from south america who told me to think of myself in the third person to more become the observer of ones story. It actually seems to have something to it…

Ok, “the truth” ? “Shamans” ? “Talking to Gods” ? Lets see…

Let me tell you:

A little story about a Hippie

There was a monk. He met a god. He asked the God: ” How many lifes do i have left? ”

The God replied: ” You see that tree? The amount of leaves of that tree times tenthousand minus one. ”

The monk said: ” Oh no, i am already just meditating all the time is this still supposed to go on like that so long? ”

Then that same God met a Hippie. The Hippie asked: ” Yo, brother, you can tell me how many lifes i have left, right? ”

The God said: ” You see the stars above you? That number of all those stars times tenthousand plus one.

The Hippie was totally enthusiastic, smiled and yelled: ” Wow, how amazingly incredible!!! ”

. . .

The meaning of the word ” Hippie “, by the way, is:

Hyper-Intelligen-Person-Pursuing-Infinite-Ethernety ;-)

What was i talking about? ;-) Haha, just kidding, i am kind of high.

Well for sure there is a lot to speak about things like the sense of life, THE GREAT AWAKENING, freedom, justice, equality, personal responsibility, consequences, Dreamtime, Love, Happiness…and so on. But i am getting tired, i will tell you more about the truth, my friends! ^^ I wish you respect my truth as i respect yours! What ever it is, i just really hope that your truth is good for you, the planet and everything else!

In the end though it is always up to us why we would want to believe something or not. Wisdom is not the same as knowledge. What we can’t see, what we are unaware of – we can’t understand…

“Let’s always be there for each other”

Jah almighty is right there, beside me!

Rainboarding In The Alps?

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Sacred GeometryyyHey Ho :)

been thinking about going see the world elsewhere… i know if i’d do it i’d catch a cheap flight to south america and travel there from mexico to canada world rainbow. when i was confused about it and asked my dreams they told me yes go there. for sure i can’t say what i will do. right now im having a good time, a very nice girl :) learning and growing a lot, becoming more mature and stuff… as of next, id like to go boarding in the alps, make use of the winter, rainbow style! Anyone up for that??

blizzful vibez!

+49176 38863941


Update From Collective Psychological Research

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You know what i am afraid of? Beautiful girls! They are easily the greatest thread to men like me, because they are keeping us away from our important work! ;-)

So, “back to business”: During talk with a friend he called the internet a psychogramm of humanity. Fascinating approach i have to say! And indeed, i have already been starting to include information from the web into my research. To begin with, What parts of our collective organism called “humanity” are represented on the internet? Well let’s have a look:


I find especially the grow rates above 1000% in the last 12 years completely amazing! Exponentially speeding up evolution of consciousness theories are more and more making the round and definitely according to the widespread ideas about the past seem to be fully kicking in right there! And guess what, my friends, things like rainbow gatherings seem to be already growing even muuuuuuch faster ;D

Yieppie! Welcome Home, Family!

So – may our new culture truly have the chance to really avoid the babylon-zombie-disaster? Well, we shall see… Let’s see what information about our collective psyche we can extract from its representation on the virtual web…

First thing coming to my mind is: There seems to be a lot of porn…

And second: The young ones seem to like playing games… (Remember my idea of paradise?)

Third: People seem to be taking what they call “facts” very seriously… So i should probably try to back these claims up with credible sources and stuff, for doing a favor to the “scientific way of thinking” right? … ;-)

You know, my primary dream-team-archetype is the visionary. I see the purpose of the visionary mainly in coming up with new ideas as well as inspiering, unifying, holding together, focusing and empowering the rest of the team. I can not save the world all by myself, but guess what: Together we can! So please don’t expect me to do all the work and then nobody cares anyway…

In fact, ever since i have been connected to this cosmic consciousness, i am mainly just running in stand by mode!

i continue anyways, in a next step i will see what studies we can work with that have already been made…

i feel, that i have a lot to give, for the world! I am pretty confident i’d easily be able to convince with my work and do a lot for many people as well as companies! i just don’t seem to have “the name” yet that you people would be interested in my skills or expertise enough to ask for it… Now you still have a very good chance! ;-) Once i have a name i probably won’t have time for everyone, thats just the way it goes…

i have always openly offered my support for free! Maybe people are just conditioned into believing if i was good at what i do would take a lot of money for it? Damn, i’d probably even just give money to anyone asking me the right way! ;-) But you have to ask me, otherwise i can’t really help you…

As long as so few people follow my work or invite me to support them with their projects, i probably can’t really do much. I guess, i still have to learn one or two things myself and just need to be patient… ;-)

So whats next, maybe another episode of dreams from the past? Is somebody actually reading this? Anyone?



Added New Post – Entered Titel Here

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Welcome in the nu era, again, everyone! ^^ Considering that, expect some spectacular updates to my page, maybe already soon… Once again i certainly could have written a lot the last weeks, but i guess, it’s better to rather enjoy life then writing a thousand brilliant texts… On sylvester i met a wonderful girl! Love you, babe! <3

The internet is a weird, funny thing! Writing a blog is still good fun, i can recommend to do it! Right now i think that probably i am actually mainly just doing it for myself. It just feels good to express ones self! My initial intention of sharing my life on the internet was just to stay tuned and keep in touch with the people i meet. How funny, now it seems facebook, that i used to think was somehow kind of evil does that job much better while mainly people i haven’t even met in this life yet seem to read my blog! i am very happy if i can make someones life a little brighter from time to time! You are amazing!!

Elevate each other, stay true and keep shining! <3

Last Night…

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… i overcame my little crisis. Love and respect to Sedar Somuncu who helped me! i discovered a deep-rooted, subconscious fear… the fear not to be loved. i must have developed it at some point back in school. Once i realized it was very easy to overcome, because i realized how so many out there even have so much more fear than me! I could see through the masks of the pictures in my head and cried, because it became so obvious how we are all the same. We just become so worried, ashamed and afraid that we try to appear strong, but

“The ultimate truth is: We all just want to be loved”

So that needed to be cleared and as soon as i dropped my appear-strong-pattern, a feeling of love, understanding and compassion even for the worst people overwhealmed me, because ultimately they are the ones with the most fear, and their stories must be so tragic that i honestly just want to help them. Love is the cure! Please spread the love, it feels so good though there goes some pain with it that makes me cry! I think that pain only comes from being used to not honestly love. You can still decide if you want to be my friend, but I don’t care who you are and what you think of me: I am your friend! Weather you like it or not ;-) I will be there for you whenever i can!  I love you all right now, i truly do!

We are making a small rainbow style silvester gathering in south germany tomorrow. Anyone is welcome!

Love, Love, Love, …

Please Share! <3

The Gods Are Jealous Of Us…

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Anyone know that guy?! Please send me his email!

Lately i am getting a bit bored of life here in germany. Loneliness always made me crazy! OH FUCK, WHY DO I HAVE TO SUFFER LIKE THAT?!! I wanted to stay here until the end of next summer to then go to india, but now i lack inspiration and don’t really know what to do until spring! THIS SUCKS!!! Where are all the fearless life junkies with the big thoughts? They must have all went into the jungle with the naked girls instead of hanging in some ridiculous small town! Its very obvious that i actually just need to travel so why waste more time here? There is the idea to start an other caravan of love from Kristiania, but especially the world rainbow caravan vision of traveling up the west coast from mexico to canada resonates very well with me!! i wanted to go to canada for a long time. I already kind of regret i did not went to palenque so it might really be time to rethink stuff… Did i not give my best, maybe?

Please, dear beloved mighty universal mystery!

I send my prayer to you! I see that i have been lacking devotion, humbleness and dedication! That’s it, right? Oh no! I am still a self-pleased, ignorant idiot! I am so sorry! Thank you sooo much for helping me realize! WOW, YOU ARE SOOOOO… JUST TOTALLY AMAZING!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE EVERYBODY!!! YES! Only you just know what i need! Just give it to me, so that i can share! Just like we always did in those magic times, remember? I am ready to die for you! LET’S ROCK AND ROLL… Now i already feel great and grateful! Good stuff, thanks!

Ok, once i wrote something like this my friends actually somehow assumed i wanted to kill myself! Thats once again very obviously not the case, just in case…

Only one thing i fear about sharing such weird private stuff… My own judgement in 30 years!! But the good thing is, with me you never know how seriously i actually am, just because, just maybe, i don’t really know myself… You know… ?! ^^

Actually, the Gods are laughing about us! People have no idea in the world, but this is a totally absurd surrealistic zombie-apocalypse-comedy-play and its funny as hell! Let’s go for a happy end to then finally make a creative, sophisticated porno instead!

Confused? Nevermind! This is just “modern art”… ;D


All Law Worldwide Abolished Since 21.12.2012

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All rules, laws and regulations ever proposed have only been approaches to increase welfare and decrease suffering. In fact everything we do is just an (maybe unconscious) approach to increase welfare and decrease suffering. That goal is reached by communication and cooperation – unification in the name of joy – that’s the meaning of the word love. It’s the only true and everlasting principle of life. Everything depends on everything… All is one…! The way of the heart may be our only law. Welcome to the futures Universal Consciousness Gaia Human Collective!

People who don’t understand that, and still go the absurd way of deceiving them selves by irresponsibly trying to refer to external laws to make decicions that can only be made with conscience are unfortunately unable to sovereinly act for maximum benefit. As a matter of course, they are never the less always fully responsible!  You know in your heart what’s right, listen to it! You shall never regret!

With this i am finally done with this annoying and ridiculous  subject! I’m also done with bashing the stupidity of the outdated babylon-system, i don’t see any intellectual thread anywhere, this isn’t even a fight. No more need to fight, i almost feel bad for having been so critical, sorry if i hurt someone, again, nothing personal there! Let’s just stop fighting and start loving! The Age of the Joker is on…

Radhe, Radhe! ^^

Love For You

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Hey ho, amigos!

Only little time left until the solstice… I wonder where all you lovely beings gonna be? I bought a van yesterday, and will soon be on my way to Externsteine. Hope you all have a lovely gathering. I prepare with meditation, yoga and fasting, going inwards, will make a ritual and most importantly: Celebrate! Bhajans, Oohms and heart sharing, make presents to people, eat good, feel good, be good! I think of all my beautiful sisters and brothers, in love and gratefulness, knowing we are connected! See if there are any shadows of the past left, is there something left to tell someone or something. Let’s free from the past. We are in this all together. I wish you all find in your inner strength and peace! We are not victims, but the creators of this world! Let’s create a new world… May great spirit be with you!

“A universe full of possibilitys is useless if you don’t make use of them…” ^^

Dear Friends, dear friends

Let me tell you how i feel

You have given me so much pleasure

I love you so! <3

. . .

Infinite Love and Light!

. . .

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